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Boot Log XP is that you search for troubleshooting Windows boot-up problems
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If you have to wait for a very long time while Windows is booting in your computer and have no idea why this is happening then you might find BootLog XP by Greatis Software really useful. This small utility will help you to solve this problem by giving your detailed statistics and all information about booting process in a graphic view. The program has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. To test boot of your operating system just press the proper button on the application’s main window and wait while your computer is being restarted. After restarting you will get a boot diagram. It displays all processes that start during boot-up with their loading durations. You can explore a list of all DLL files related to each process in the bottom panel of the program’s main window. As you see BootLog XP gives you all required information for solving problem of slow boot. You can easily analyze it and remove those processes with long loading durations that you don’t need. The program includes a great detailed help file that has all required information about its performance and some tips for boot speed-up.

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